Blackburn Hamlet Community Church (BHCC) began as a church plant of the Anglican Network in Canada (ANIC) in the fall of 2008, meeting in a home in Blackburn Hamlet. The following year we rented commercial space ‘between the Pub and the TD Bank’ where we gather to worship, pray and learn how to love the ways Jesus loves. We were made a full parish of ANIC in the fall of 2013.

Our mission is to share God’s love for His people (our neighbours) by word and deed, and in doing so, lead many to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

We adhere to the apostolic faith as set forth in the Bible, preaching and teaching accordingly. Our worship follows the Anglican liturgical and sacramental tradition, with a balance of ancient hymns and contemporary music.

We also offer a weekly prayer ministry and monthly anointing for strengthening by the Holy Spirit.

BHCC contributes to the local food bank, as well as supporting various local and international charitable organizations.

For a more detailed explanation of what we are about, please see the BHCC Parish Profile.