Ways to Donate

In addition to using traditional offering envelopes during Church services, people wishing to donate to Blackburn Hamlet Community Church (BHCC) can do so by pre-authorized debit (PAD), or by e-mail transfer (E-transfer).

E-Transfer: You can send an e-mail transfer from your bank account to Blackburn Hamlet Community Church. (Your bank may charge you a fee for this transfer. Please check with your bank or your account details to find out.)  Please e-mail your contribution to bhcctreasurer5@gmail.com. There is no requirement for a security question and you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation.

If you are a first-time donor to BHCC and you wish to receive a receipt for income tax purposes at the end of the year, please also send an e-mail to bhcctreasurer5@gmail.com with your name and full mailing address. If you are a BHCC parishioner or if you have donated in the last two years, your information is on file and this step is not required.

Pre-authorized debit: if you would like to make your regular offering by pre-authorized debit, please print and fill the PAR form and leave it with the Treasurer (Pierre Coulombe), or scan and e-mail it to bhcctreasurer5@gmail.com. Withdrawals can set for the 5th or the 20th of the month. Please indicate your choice on the form. There is no charge to the giver for this service.

To cancel a PAD agreement, simply request it by e-mail to bhcctreasurer5@gmail.com.

Envelopes: envelopes are available at the front of the church, on the bookshelf near the keyboard. They are not numbered, so you can pick up a few at a time and bring them home with you to prepare them at home, or fill them in on site each Sunday. You can also use your own small envelopes if you wish.

Please include your full name and mailing address on the envelope the first time you make an offering. On subsequent occasions, only your name, the date and the amount are needed.