Discovery Cafe is a series of public lectures given by experts in their fields to the community of Blackburn Hamlet, hosted by BHCC. It runs from September to November, January to April on the last Friday of each month, 7:30pm-9pm. Each evening consists of a 45 minute talk followed by a Q & A period. Desserts and coffee/tea are provided. There is no charge although small donations are always appreciated. 

Our guest speaker on November 29 is Dr. Shelley Hepworth, a biology professor at Carleton University. She will be speaking about Revolutions in Agriculture: Translating the Genetic Language of Plants.

“The Hepworth Lab is a nationally and internationally integrated research unit at Carleton University. Agriculture is a major sector of the Canadian economy. Population growth coupled with the impacts of climate change has created the demand for a second “green revolution” to improve and stabilize crop productivity. Plant architecture is a major determinant of crop yield. The long-term objective of our research is to understand how genes control plant architecture traits related to crop yield.”

Discovery Cafe poster, 29Nov19

You can find the program for the entire 2019-2020 season here: Discovery Cafe program (website), 2019-2020


For more information contact Dr. John ApSimon, program coordinator ( or Karen Bergenstein, publicity (